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Osan Middle School A/B Calendar
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2012-2013 - Standard DoDDS School Calendar

20 New Teachers Orientation
22 Report date for Educators
23 Student Orientation
27 Begin 1st Quarter & 1st Semester
3 Labor Day-Federal Holiday
13 Open House 1700-1900
1 Chusok-Teacher In-service/Student Holiday
5 1/2 Day Teacher In-service CSI
8 Columbus Day-Federal Holiday
1 End of 1st Quarter
2 Teacher Workday-Student Holiday
5 Begin 2nd Quarter
Parent/Teacher Conferences-Student Holiday
12 Veterans Day-Federal Holiday
22 Thanksgiving-Federal Holiday
23 Recess Day No School
12 Acceleration Date
24 Begin Winter Recess
25 Christmas Day-Federal Holiday
1 New Year’s Day-Federal Holiday
7 Instruction Resumes
18 1/2 day Teacher In-service CSI
21 MLK Jr. Day-Federal Holiday
24 End of 2nd Quarter & 1st Semester
25 Teacher Work Day-Student Holiday
28 Begin 3rd Quarter & Second Semester
11 Lunar New Year-Teacher In-service-Student Holiday
18 President’s Day-Federal Holiday
8 Parent/Teacher Conferences-Student Holiday
11-15 Terra Nova Week
18-22 Terra Nova Make-ups
4 End of 3rd Quarter
5 Teacher Workday-Student Holiday
8-12 Spring Recess
15  Begin 4th Quarter
15 Acceleration Date
27 Memorial Day-Thank you for your service!!
13 Last Day of School
14 Teacher Workday-Begin Summer Recess!

* Days per semester will be either 91 or 92. Exchange one inservice day for a student instructional day. Move the inservice day to Ihe first work week in August. Areas will inform HQ of their decision regarding which inservice day was moved forward. Teachers will start one day earlier in August due to the additional day in the first work week. Inservice must be conducted on one of the first four days in August.


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